The Moon Brass Choker

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A 90s inspired brass choker wire necklace with a moon pendant. 

Materials: Brass hammered moon pendant, brass findings, wire and a laser cut hand made brass bead. 

The Story

The moon moves the tides, part of being a Newfoundlander is the sea witch in us, the draw to the tides, the pull of the moon and shores. 

Made by hand in Newfoundland


Overall Choker Diameter: 5.25" 

Pendant Width: 2”

Pendant Height: 0.5”

Brass Care:

Brass may tarnish over time, especially when exposed to sweat, stored against other metals or with time oxidization may occur. Some like the tarnished look, a black or a teal green. But you can shine your brass back to its original bright colour with a product called brasso like your grand mother used to clean her brass candle sticks found in the cleaning section of stores. This works well.