Ritual Botanicals Amber + Sandalwood Meditation Perfume

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Ritual Botanicals signature perfume; Amber and Sandalwood coconut body oil perfume.

Comes in a glass roller bottle with lid. We keep selling out of this one at events as soon as people smell it!

It has a sensual sweet uplifting, earthy scent. 

Amber is said to speed cell regeneration and is a known adaptogen, i.e. it helps the body help itself having anti microbial properties. It is said to reduce anxiety and improve energy and well being promting joy.

For ritual amber is used as a chakra cleanser, said to have healing properties. It transmutes negative energy into positive. It is used as a powerful protector. It attracts good luck and success and increases psychic abilities for those who practise this.

Sandalwood is excellent for the skin. It is also used in healing work because of it's grounding and ability to create a deeper relaxed and centered state necessary for empowerment. It is thought to increase spiritual awareness and enegry. Throughout history is has been used to relax the heart and throat chakras. 

The Ritual Botanicals series is currently not available on the online shop for shipping, you can get it at up coming market events, at Posie Row in St.John's or by sending an email for local delivery in St.John's on orders over $40 to deardawcy@gmail.com