Premium Arn Narn Cocktail Rimmer

Premium Arn Narn Cocktail Rimmer

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Arn Narn Premium finishing salts & sugars for rimming cocktail glasses using the benefits of botanicals. Can be used on cocktails, mocktails or in medecinal beverages. Excellent as an additive to drinks or as garnish around the rim of the glass.  

The jar makes for an easy vessel to rim glasses.

The Rose & Hibiscus Coconut Sugar  

Ingredients: organic cane sugar, coconut sugar, maple flakes, lemon peel, rose, hibiscus, pink himalayan salt, newfoundland bonavista sea salt. 

Excellent as a rimmer for glasses or additive to fresh made lemonade, in place of sugar in sweet summer teas, or fruity cocktails. 


The Chipotle & Chamomile Caesar Salt 

Ingredients: organic cane sugar, coconut sugar, maple powder, lemon peel, chamomile, celery root, chipotle powder, pink himalayan salt, newfoundland bonavista sea salt, ground black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder. 

 Excellent for Caesar Satruday! Makes a unique Caesar or in a marinate for BBQ season. 


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