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Burning Charcoal Rounds

Burning Charcoal Rounds

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Extra burning charcoals for your burning herbs. 
Includes 4 large burning charcoals. These are in a round bowl shape. 

Used for burning herbs for smudging and other ritual practises. 

Light your charcoal, you’ll get a fizzle, it’ll catch and heat up like a regular bbq charcoal, be sure it’s in a fire proof dish. I like to use an abalone shell with sand in it to protect it and long matches to burn loose herbs or you can use a long match or bbq lighter. Traditionally people just used a shell. 

Stay with it while it burns, the resins in the burning herbs turn to liquid molten lava when burned on a charcoal and you can add more herbs bit by bit as you wish. Be sure to open a window, you will get more smoke with a charcoal or burn outside in nature. 

There are rituals and ceremonies online, you can search ceremonies for burning herbs. On the blog I have a few I like posted, search  “Burning Herbs”. Say your own affirmations or invent your own rituals, or just use to burn incense. 



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