Ritual Botanicals Burning Herbs

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Ritual Botanicals self healing herbs and incense for burning and smudging spaces or yourself.

This is my do-all recipe, for cleansing energy and then replacing the energy with positive energy.

  • Frankincense for lifting the spirit and courage.
  • Chamomile and lavender for peace, happiness and relaxation.
  • White sage for cleansing and removing negative energies.
  • Cedar for renewal, protection and grounding.

2 oz.

Sprinkle over a candle for your self love and healing rituals, burn in your abalone shell, brass dish or cast iron vessel, use a charcoal for burning herbs, or at the edge of a burning log in your fire place. Note the frankincense is in it's raw resin form so will become molten, do not use a non fire safe dish that is intended for burning. 

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