The Holiday Ritual Botanicals gift sets

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The HEAL Gift Set includes a HEAL bath tea, a HEAL bath salt, a HEAL burning herbs and a HEAL room spray

The BANISH Gift Set includes a BANISH facial serum, a BANISH perfume, a BANISH burning herbs and a BANISH exfoliating srcub

The LOVE Gift Set includes a LOVE bath salt, a LOVE body butter, a LOVE perfume and a LOVE facial mist toner

The EMPOWER Gift Set includes an EMPOWER bath tea and EMPOWER bath salt, an EMPOWER candle and am EMPOWER perfume.

The CALM Gift Set includes a CALM bath tea, a CALM body butter, a CALM candle and a CALM burning herbs

These gift sets are made to order and not at the market events. To avoid shipping costs on The Ritual Botanicals series you can get it for local delivery in St. John's & surrounding areas on orders over $40 by typing "Local Delivery" in the Company Name feild on your order shipping info section and you can always send to for help.