The Frangipani Ritual Oil

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A coconut anointing oil for after your bath ritual with frangipani, Egyptian musk and amber with rose and lavender infusing the oil. Comes in a clear glass skull bottle.

This coconut oil can be used as a perfume, cologne, moisturizing serum in the body, rubbed in the hair or beard to calm frizzy hair out only a small trace amount in the hands, or in bath water, or added to bath salts. 

Frangiapanini is known as a natural aphrodisiac, representing initimate and passionate connection.  Some cultures consider frangiapani tp be the tree of life, others as an unlucky because of a folk belief that ghosts and other spirits live in the branches of the bush. I don't believe in bad luck, I believe in blocked or negative energy, all energy can be changed.  Maybe it could be reverse psycology to use it anyhow. It does smell beautiful, sweet and enticing. It has an uplifting and delightful fruity floral scent.  

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