The Sea Shell Choker

The Sea Shell Choker

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A 90s inspired textured sea shell choker necklace. 

We are all rooted in nature, we all are drawn to nature, and drawn to the sea. For the boho babes, sea witches and lovers of nature. 

Made by hand in Newfoundland


Radius of the neck wire: 5.5” 

Pendant Width: 1”

Pendant Length: 1.25”

Brass Care:

Brass may tarnish over time, especially when exposed to sweat, stored against other metals or with time oxidization may occur. Some like the tarnished look, a black or a teal green. But you can shine your brass back to its original bright colour with a product called brasso like your grand mother used to clean her brass candle sticks found in the cleaning section of stores. This works well. Some have said ketchup but I have yet to try it.