The Sex Magick Aphrodisiac Potion

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An oral tincture.

  • Passion - Bliss - Connection

    This sexy aphrodisiac tincture is a reminder that pleasure is healing and blissful moments are medicine. It calls you to explore the world around you through your senses, and experience each day as sacred. As a circulatory stimulant, it brings blood flow to the peripherals and the heart center, so you can feel present and connected.

    Chakra: Sacral
    Name: Svadhisthana (“sweetness”)
    Planet: Venus
    Tarot: The Empress
    Element: Water
    Purpose: Movement and connection
    Basic Right: To feel and have pleasure
    Demon: Guilt
    Identity: Emotional
    Orientation: Self-gratification
    Mantra: My sexuality is sacred

Ingredients: cocoa bean, damiana leaf, kava root, organic cane sugar, honey.