The Starburst Necklace

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A brass circular pendant with moveable spikes hanging like a starburst or shards of bent metal that dangle. A nice piece of you find finicking with your necklace to be comforting. Some carry a rock in their pocket to roll around in their hand for calm. This necklace does the trick. 

Made by hand in Newfoundland


Overall Chain Length: 28”, 14” from nape to end 

Pendant Width: 1”

Pendant Height: 3”

Brass Care:

Brass may tarnish over time, especially when exposed to sweat, stored against other metals or with time oxidization may occur. Some like the tarnished look, a black or a teal green. But you can shine your brass back to its original bright colour with a product called brasso like your grand mother used to clean her brass candle sticks found in the cleaning section of stores. This works well. 

Materials sourced from Montreal, Africa and Turkey.