White Sage Bag

White Sage Bag

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For your rituals. Left in larger pieces as close to how they were picked as possible so you can use them for your own rituals and preparations. Sourced from people who collect these herbs ethically and respectfully. 

Sage is one of the sacred medicinal herbs along with sweet grass, tobacco and cedar. Used for smudging to cleanse yourself or space from negative energy. The smoke carries away the negative. 

Note: smudging was illegal in Canada until the 1978 despite this tradition being a sacred healing tool and tradition for many here and around the world. 

Used typically in bundles or loose to burn.

Pushing the smoke over yourself to cleanse you may say: 

“I cleanse my eyes so that I can see the truth,

I cleanse my ears so that I can hear the truth, 

I cleanse my mouth so that I can speak the truth,

I cleanse my head so that I can think the truth,

I cleanse my heart so that I can feel the truth. “