Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day

Hi! I’m Tiffany, I own and make Dear Dawcy & Ritual Botanicals.

For International Women’s Day I want to acknowledge all the women in my life who have inspired me, supported me and my business and helped make me to woman I am now. I also want to acknowledge all the women in this world and their support systems.

Women are natural healers. When given a safe space to flourish we are able to heal and create and support those around us to help reach their maximum potential, while we reach our own, we can help raise wonderful families, (even if we don’t have children), help friends rise up and make communities brighter and more prosperous.

When our women in our communities are well cared for and supported and protected they are able to nuture everyone. 

How are we supporting those around us to help us all grow? Our small local efforts are far reaching to help even at international levels. If you feel helpless like I do sometimes to support women internationally, start here at home.
Empowered women empower women. It spreads. 

I’m lucky to have my mom and my two sisters, and strong loud out spoken female friends…

I am lucky to have our customers with their own inspiring stories that lift us up and keep us going and to hear their ideas on self care rituals every week in the shop. 

I’m lucky to have Posie Row and co’s other small business women around me to motivate me and the ladies who work in the building to support us and share knowledge and Aryn of scout, who left our shop space last year to go focus on her film career but built me up first. I am lucky to have Erin who works with me and does our marketing and is my rock. 

We all have a network of women who keep us going, say hell yes and support us. Sometimes we  lose connection to these networks but we can rebuild and always reach out. 

I also have the women at the Trauma Center, the women who did group with me, the women at the St. John’s Status of Woman’s Council and the Iris Kirby House and Spirit Horse who gave me some extra support to rebuild and get back on my toes when I needed it most. (I encourage anyone needing support or suffering from the affects of abuse/trauma/ptsd/ cptsd to reach out to them)

This Christmas we lost our grandmother. She was a seamstress and travelled the world working with unicef, taught yoga, a singer on cbc radio and more, she helped build up communities and loved being an example of an empowered woman. 

We are sending her lessons back down the line to the young females, my niece and her cousins to build empowered women while breaking old cycles or societal ways of being that don’t serve us. We are being vocal about what we are actively changing and healing with each other and doing the work. 

Dear Dawcy being a letter to the women who came before to say we are alright to our ancestors. “The witches they couldn’t burn” as women were often cast out and punished as “witches” for using their knowledge of natural remedies to nurture and heal their families as a way of control by society at that time. We are taking our powers back and our power to heal back. 

We are alright. We are breaking cycles. Sending our lessons and knowledge down the line and protecting each other. 

There are great women all around us, tapping into their energy is a sure fire way to empower yourself to greater experiences and sharing your knowledge and stories helps us all. 

Happy International Woman’s Day to all! 

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