I am inspired by my homeland; It's dualities. It's hard, rugged and rough, but it's also beautiful, hopeful and calm. I am inspired by the ethereal parts of this world, melders of light and darkness, as the light cannot exist without the darkness, self love enthusiasts, and lovers of handcrafted wild crafts, beauty and design, the ocean, it's tides, ebbs & flows and finding harmony.   

Made in Newfoundland by me, Tiffany Elton. Dear Dawcy comes out with limited edition mini collections of jewelry and textile art inspired by dualities, light and darkness, finding a balance between the two and the beautiful and rough contrasts of the Newfoundland land & seas.

Square Cosmetic card

A line from Ritual Healing Co. a series of healing botanical bath products for self love ritual baths, and home scents and perfumes made from natural ingredients using beneficial powers of nature to set healing intentions. I focused on 5 intentions; Heal, Love, Empower, Banish and Calm. 

Home decor pieces inspired by the same light and darkness balance using textile art as a medium. 


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