Piñon Pine Smudge Bundle

Piñon Pine Smudge Bundle

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Smudging is used in ritual by many traditions around the world to purify energy in for a space, persons or objects, to mark benginnings of ceremonies or for healing purposes depending on the region and local botanicals. Used personally at home for personal rituals it can offer peace of mind, a moment to set intentions for inner healing. 

Light the stick and extinguish the flame, can the smoke. Hold your intention. See our blog posts in smudging for more ideas. 

Our sticks are ecological & respectfully collected.

The Piñon Pine is a generous evergreen tree from the foothills of the American Southwest.  The nuts were an important food source for early Americans--these days, the tree is best known for stocking chimineas (Southwestern patio stoves). Piñon has a smooth, woodsy scent that's especially powerful, thanks to its high concentration of pine resin. Piñon is an excellent all-purpose smudge, and a capable stand-in for White Sage, if you prefer to avoid the latter. Its energy is cleansing, healing, and strengthening.  It also repels insects.