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Dear Dawcy & Ritual Healing Co.

The Ancestor Earrings

The Ancestor Earrings

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The Ancestor Earrings. Lost parts of our lineage & valuable lessons from our ancestors are summoned. 

Black labradorite and brass stud earrings.
This labradorite reflects blues and greens with an overall black look. 

Handmade in Newfoundland, Canada.

Home Care

This is a nickel free brass, composed of copper and zinc. Brass may tarnish over time, it can oxidize when exposed to sweat, stored against other metals or with time. Some like the tarnished look for an antiqued look. But you can shine your brass back to its original bright colour with a product called brasso like your grand mother used to clean her brass candle sticks found in the cleaning section of most stores.

Materials often sourced locally and from all over the world from businesses with ethical practises. 

More Details 

Sold as a pair.

Style & Material

Style: Ear Studs with a stopper backing. 

Base material: Brass and stainless steel post. 

Gold Coating: 14K gold plating

Stone: Black Labradorite 

Measurements (per piece)

Size: 1.5” inch 

Post length: 12mm

Width: 15mm Stone, 5mm Stick

Height: 1.5”

Weight: 12 grams

Fit & Feeling

A little heavier than most of our earrings. But not too heavy. Comfortable for long-term wear and not likely to cause stretching on your lobes.


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