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Dear Dawcy & Ritual Healing Co.

The BANISH soy candle for setting intentions

The BANISH soy candle for setting intentions

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Using aromatherapy to maximize your sacred time, these soy candles have essential oil and burning herbs on top for a dual purpose ritual. Soy wax is a natural wax, clean burning, does not emit chemicals and burns a little longer than traditonal waxes. 

BANISH uses Jasmine. It is burned to attract love and money, purification, and also to induce dreams of a prophectic nature, helping you see what you do not need so you can let it go. Your intention or affirmation may be: " I banish what no longer serves me." 


To avoid shipping costs on The Ritual Botanicals series you can get it at up coming market events, or local delivery in St. John's & surrounding areas and pick up available at the shop if you do not wish to come in. : ) 

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