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Dear Dawcy & Ritual Healing Co.

The Eucalyptus Smudge Bundle

The Eucalyptus Smudge Bundle

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Smudging has been used in ritual by many traditions around the world since antiquity to purify space, persons or objects. Used personally at home for personal rituals it can offer peace of mind, a moment to set intentions for inner healing. 

Light the stick and extinguish the flame, can the smoke. Hold your intention. See our blog posts in smudging for more ideas. 

Our sticks are ecological & respectfully collected.

Eucalyptus is used in smudging for protection, health boosting as well as being energizing for cleansing. Eucalyptus is recognized as one of Earths earliest herbal healers. It is a natural relaxant used to promote tranquillity, peace, and healing while also being an antidepressant used to alleviate stress, anxiety, or nervousness to bring back sound sleep, relax your mind and body into tranquillity and stillness. Over Australia’s Eucalyptus forests, you can sometimes see a haze of oils dissolved in the air just above the tree line. 

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